Pre-order bees for delivery 2018 is now open!
This is how you start with bees. Bees and a queen in a screened box (package) or a small five frame hive (Nuc). If you are just starting this is the 'live' part you add to the hive box and components to make a hive. Delivery is scheduled for April. The exact dates will be determined after 'Mother Nature' tells us how the weather this spring rolls out! Note: you MUST be a member to order bees from the club. If you have never joined, the membership item is provided on this page as a convenience.
New Membership

New family membership. This is for the year.
Package of Bees

This is a 3lb. package of bees, with a queen in a queen-cage. If you are installing into a Top Bar Hive (or other non-traditional hive), you WILL want this. For others, you may want a NUC... But! You will miss out on the almost transcendental experience of pouring mounds of bees out of a box, 'bumping' the box to shake loose the bees, and all this without the girls minding! Standing in a cloud of bees is exciting, but it also means that your hive misses almost a full month of the (already short) bloom season here in the foothills. That means you may not have a hive strong enough to harvest your first year. Check out YouTube to see what is involved.
NUC of bees
This is a five frame NUC (Nucleus Hive) containing a proven, laying queen and several frames of bees. This gives you a head start on getting your hive big and healthy. These come from a very well known beekeeper here in the foothills. They are 'local' bees. Installation is simply removing five frames from your hive and replacing them with the frames from the Nuc.
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