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Bee Swarming Help, Do you have a swarm on your property? want free help in removing it, contact us.

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Swarm Removal

If you have a swarm on your property and need someone to remove them, we have members ready to help. Don't be afraid to call more than one - sometimes people are not available when the swarm is!

Before you call: 1) are they in your house or outside?

2) If up in a tree, how high up?  3) How long have they been there?

4) How large of a swarm - size wise: a. Baseball b. Football c. Basketball

Name of Member Location Phone Line

Cell Phone


Shala Shores El Dorado County (916)802-9453  
Monica Baker El Dorado County (530) 644-4656  (530) 391-3110
Julia McIver El Dorado County   (916) 616-6507
Guy Lane Cedar Grove/Camino (530) 644-0670 (530) 409-0046
Mike Michael Rescue/Cameron Park, EDH, Shingle Springs  All full! Please, no more.
Caryn Kralovansky Folsom / El Dorado   (510) 409-1093
Dave Kelley Shingle springs to Fresh Pond (530) 644-2812 (925) 228-9986
Helaman Hintze El Dorado County
(530) 672-9250 (530) 680-3321
Bernie Ruzicka Cameron Park/ EDH / Folsom   (916) 719-6708
Bruce Tresscot Shingle Springs/Camino (530) 677-9190  
Roger Bare El Dorado County   (307) 690-0519